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Animal rescue from Afghanistan: was Pen Farthing right?

The rescue of animals by Paul "Pen" Farthing has garnered criticism in that he brought animals out of Afghanistan from Kabul airport whilst many humans were left stranded. Note that Pen Farthing himself has never said the cats and dogs were a priority over humans. All he did was try to save some animals from the consequences of human behaviour. 
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Geronimo: the untimely death of a much loved Alpaca

Geronimo the alpaca was  killed after UK legal row by UK Government officials. The fate of animal diagnosed with bovine tuberculosis had become a major issue in the UK. #Geronimo tested positive twice for bovine tuberculosis (bTB), which led to the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (#Defra) ordering him to be euthanized. Owner Helen Macdonald disputed the test results and mounted several High Court challenges to save Geronimo. Should the goverment be killing animals in this way?  What are the ramifications? 

God affirms our choices.

We can go astray. We have free will to go the wrong way. If we want. But once we realize that we need to turn back and go in God's direction, go in the way that he leads, once we realize that the way to do it, the way to not be weighed down by guilt and shame. The way to have the depression and apathy lift so that we can get going in God's direction is to do this, to consciously give these transgressions, to hand them over to God, to hand them over to Jesus who has borne our infirmities. And he carries them away. Video version:

Why the Taliban won so quickly.

On August 12th 2021 a new American military assessment said: “Kabul could come under Taliban pressure as soon as September and, if current trends hold, the country could fall to the Taliban within a few months.”   Within days of that assessment   Kabul had fallen to the Taliban. Why was it that Kabul fell so soon: how could the Taliban take over so quickly? The short answer is that it seems that the Afghan government had concluded that fighting was pointless. But the main and more fundamental reason for the speed of the victory is to do with   the fact that the Taliban, although hated and feared by large numbers of people in Afghanistan, are actually popular. This is because, I suggest, the vast majority   of the population of Afghanistan wants to be ruled with Islamic Sharia law. For those people in Afghanistan who want to want to live a secular or Christian lifestyle, Afghanistan is not safe.   And many of them have already left to live in other countries. Those who are still there m

Peace even in Afghanistan

Tyrants rule in different ways. A  generation of Afghans who thought they were liberated from their tyranny talk about betrayal by the U.S. and its allies to the western press .   Kabul Airport The Taliban began a major, country-wide offensive in Afghanistan on 6 August, seizing the city of Zaranj, the capital of the Nimruz province. Over the next nine days, the jihadists systematically took over the provincial capitals all across the south, west, and north, before moving toward the Afghan capital, Kabul, in the east, isolating it from multiple directions and then taking it earlier today. President Ashraf Ghani has fled to Tajikistan, taking with him the legal government, and the Taliban are now back in power, almost exactly twenty years after they were deposed. Reports are coming in that there are  desperate crowds at Kabul airport as Afghans try to escape Taliban rule .  I will comment in a later article on the reasons for why the Taliban were able to reassert themselves so quickly,

He Cares for You

Many people around the world have lost their jobs or sources of income as a result of the lockdowns that many national governments imposed on their populations over the past year. The sudden, unprecedented nature of this government sanctioned shutdown of the economy means that you shouldn’t feel any blame for your situation But that may be of little comfort when you’re stressed about paying bills and putting food on the table. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by uncertainty about how the economy will recover or  when you’ll be able to find work. It’s important to know that you’re not alone; many of us are facing the same insecurities at this time. In addition to the following tips for coping with the stress of losing a job, there are also steps you can take to better deal with uncontrollable circumstances and an uncertain future.      “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7) Tell God about your anxiety, frustration, or worry over these financial matters. Then

The truth about Covid-19

This parent, a working medic, in this video below makes a speech to his local school board about Covid-19, masks, and children.