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Hip-hop hippety hop

I had never listened with close attention to hip-hop song lyrics.  That's rather an understatement, I had avoided listening to them because I simply didn't like the sound.  However, recently I have started listening to a lot of Christian hip-hop and it's good, really good. This genre is simply an excellent vehicle for getting across ideas, like the essential gospel message.  The genre of music features in the new evening service at Mill Hill East Church, called Urban Praze, featured in an episode of my daily radio show.

Classic Good News

God exists.  This fact is an assumption that underlies the whole of the Bible but how can it be established, how do we know that it is true.  The most popular podcast of a sermon from Mill Hill  East Church by a long way deals with this issue.  The sermon is actually a summary of a whole series of sermons which preceded it so it is a little cursory in the treatment of the complex issue but it appears to have packed a punch.  So it's been broadcast as a radio show and is available online  here.   Another popular podcast from last year is available on the audio player on this page.

God exists

The most popular sermon at Mill Hill East Church, measured by download from iTunes and online streaming numbers, is God Exists.

Church! Mission.

The Good News Talk from the Celebration on  5th Feb is a podcast episode of Good News Over Coffee  called Church Mission .  The notes which were printed in the bulletin sheet are reproduced below.  The notes are for using as you listen, the discussion starters are for use in small groups like our Connect Groups or as food for thought as you pray. 1. Bless the area and the people (v5) By serving and praying for them. 2. Socialise with them (v7) In your homes, at church events, in the Coffee Bar.  Bring them to your Connect Group. 3. Meet felt needs, letting them see the power of God when he answers prayers (v9a) Individually being a good neighbour, praying for healing individually and in the church.  The church working to provide needed services. 4. Tell them the Good News (v9b) Be prepared to tell others of what a difference knowing Jesus makes in your life.  Bring them to the Celebration on Sunday to experience worship and healing and to hear the Good News. ___________