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A prayer for good friends

Some men brought to him a paralyzed man, lying on a mat. When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the man, “Take heart, son; your sins are forgiven.” – Matthew 9:2 Sharon’s life looked perfect on the outside. She was married to a godly man who loved her deeply. She had three beautiful, healthy children. She worked part-time in a job that she found fulfilling. But still, Sharon couldn’t shake the depression that followed her around. She didn’t understand why she was depressed. She’d had a great childhood with loving parents. She’d never suffered any significant illnesses or diseases. Still, she struggled to get out of bed each morning. She felt guilty for being depressed. “You don’t have a real reason to be sad,” she reminded her reflection in the mirror. One day, her husband gently suggested Sharon should see a counselor. “I feel like I should be strong enough to overcome this on my own,” Sharon said. “You don’t have to be,” Her husband responded. “Just like the paralyzed man

A Positive Pint

Facebook Event: Venue: Come and join us at the Egremont Ferry for praise, a pint and positivity. If you live anywhere near Wallasey, see you there 7.30pm Wd 10th April 2019. Praise, Pub & Pint:Refreshes the parts that beers can’t reach. Come and enjoy an evening of positivity with Positive Pete and blow away the blues with praise singing led by Les and Rob. Features audio of street interviews conducted in Wallasey. There is an answer to how to be positive in these troubled times. Features a special prayer of blessing for you, the pub staff and customers and Wallasey. Wallasey Churches Togetherinvites you to join us at Venue>>The Ferry pub, Egremont 48 Tobin St, Wallasey CH44 8DF Wednesday 10th April 2019 Starting 7:30 pm Bar open, with a full range of drinks & snacks Featuring Worship Songs led by Les and Rob Audio playback of ‘Street Interviews’ Speaker local Vicar>