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United Traits of America (satirical video poem)

America was ready to explode even before George Floyd was killed by the Minneapolis police. The twin tragedies of 40 million people — one-quarter of the US workforce — losing their jobs and 100,000 people losing their lives during the coronavirus pandemic had turned the US into an emotional tinderbox that was waiting for a spark to set it off.Mark and Pete episode from which this poem is taken on the way forward for a divided America: Full text of poem: The United Traits of America A nation that unites where the law is abided, Always delights if great protection is provided, Until one act incites while minorities are derided, Social media recites as ignorance presided. But when hate ignites and colour has collided, And blacks and whites are so sadly divided, Then civil rights and justice are just one-sided, It simply highlights that a country is misguided. [A satirical poem by Mark and Pete]

Illegal Cummings and Goings

Earlier this week a growing number of senior Conservatives are demanding the resignation of Boris Johnson’s chief adviser, Dominic Cummings, over allegations that he broke the government’s lockdown rules on several occasions. Should Cummings go? See the latest Mark and Pete episode:

How do we pay back global debt after COVID-19?

Listen to "How do we pay back global debt after COVID-19?" on Spreaker. We do not know how this pandemic will end. We do know that we will be poorer when it’s over: GDP is plunging around the world. Millions of households have missed, or expect to miss, payments on at least one bill as a result of the coronavirus crisis, and could face serious consequences  as a result, the charity Citizens Advice has said. Since the lockdown started, millions of workers have been furloughed or laid off by employers, and seen their pay fall as a result. Measures have been put  in place to allow borrowers payment holidays and stall evictions, but the charity said that after these protections are lifted, millions face a “financial cliff edge”.   How are we going to pay back all this debt at both an individual and national level? This is the question posed in this episode.

Steps to Inspired Success

When we are inspired by the Holy Spirit we have a wealth of ability with which to work. The word “inspire” literally means taking the spirit in. It means breathing in God’s spirit and there are many benefits to this that lead to success. By inspiration God strengthens us: “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” (Phillippians 4:13).   He gives us understanding “But it is the spirit in man,     the breath of the Almighty, that makes him understand..” (Job 32:8) One of the most important things to remember as we study Christian inspiration is that when we are inspired we are to use our inspiration for the glory of God and to do His will.  Jesus tells us: "But see first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." (Matthew 6:33). We must seek what he wants ignorer to be able to use his inspiration.  There are 4 steps to achieving success through Christian inspiration: 1. Recognise that everyth

Flame Radio: always here for you

Share the news: anyone can tune into to Christian content anytime of the day who do you know who needs to hear the gospel? Flame Radio broadcasts all day and all week - Flame Radio Youtube Channel .Norman Polden and the team at Flame CCR started broadcasting a local Christian radio station over a decade ago to reach people with the good news. Did they know how important this would become? This is an extract from "The Virtual Vicar Show" with the station Manager Norman talking with Peter host of the show. Flame Radio (Flame CCR) broadcasts at and on 1521 kHz (medium wave) from South Wirral and covers most of Wirral, and beyond – travel 20 miles from Wirral and you may still be able to hear us. These broadcasts are in mono and “low-fi” although turn your radio up and listen to a quality sound. Flame’s internet simulcast leads on into the digital age and, in harmony with our f