United Traits of America (satirical video poem)

America was ready to explode even before George Floyd was killed by the Minneapolis police. The twin tragedies of 40 million people — one-quarter of the US workforce — losing their jobs and 100,000 people losing their lives during the coronavirus pandemic had turned the US into an emotional tinderbox that was waiting for a spark to set it off.Mark and Pete episode from which this poem is taken on the way forward for a divided America: https://www.spreaker.com/user/withpetercooper/i-cant-breathe-for-spreaker
Full text of poem:
The United Traits of America
A nation that unites where the law is abided,
Always delights if great protection is provided,
Until one act incites while minorities are derided,
Social media recites as ignorance presided.
But when hate ignites and colour has collided,
And blacks and whites are so sadly divided,
Then civil rights and justice are just one-sided,
It simply highlights that a country is misguided.
[A satirical poem by Mark and Pete]

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