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A Pint of Praise (reaches the parts that beers cannot reach)

Praise reaches the parts that beer cannot reach. Pub Quiz, Pub Worship and Pub preaching with Pete, Les and Rob. This is "Pint of Praise", an online event, please prepare your favourite beverage and snacks as we meet online for a virtual pub event. We will bring praise and worship and Bible teaching: a pint of praise "Refreshes the parts beer cannot reach", as the old saying goes. Features Worship Songs led by Les and Rob and the speaker is local Vicar Revd "Positive Pete" Cooper. Please take part live, your comments can be featured in the event as Pete, Les and Rob host this online praise spectacular. Includes Christianmusic with lyrics. CCLI streaming licence: St Paul's Church Seacombe

Can we joke about religion?

There's an old Yiddish witticism "To make God laugh, tell him your plans." Perhaps we’re accustomed to thinking of Jesus only as “a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief” (Isa 53:3). His crucifixion is certainly no laughing matter. Or maybe the image of a laughing Jesus offends simply because it makes him too human. Yet Hebrews 4:15 tells us that Jesus is able to sympathize with us because he is exactly like us (minus the sinning). God has gifted us with a sense of humour; it stands to reason that Jesus had one, too. Mark and Pete look at the Bible and find plenty of laughs. And as Christians we also find lots to laugh about within Christianity today. What about religion makes you laugh?

Can the government tell us what to do (what does the Bible say)?

Does Romans 13:1 tell us we should always obey the government?We have been told that because we are in the midst of a pandemic we should accept the Government telling us in more detail how to live our lives. For example, for Christians, though, it’s important to rise above the political partisanship and think through what our faith would call us to with regard to wearing or not wearing masks. Pete is joined by Kerri Douglas who has worked in Christian community outreach with the churches in Wallasey. Kerri and Pete break down the teaching from the Bible and how it applies to the COVID-19 situation. Should we sing in church even if we are told not to? These are our thoughts, what do you think?

Creation took six days (plus a day of rest)

Creation took six days, plus a day of rest for God. This is the traditional interpretation of the Genesis account of creation. Why is this? Did God take six days as a model for how mankind is to live? What does belief in a young earth, that is only a few thousand year old mean for Christian doctrine. Is it all true or just so much baloney? Revs Alan Riley and Peter Cooper take a look at all this and give their answers. Leave yours in the comments on this blog.

How to get through this life to the life to come.

How can we get to Heaven? Fortunately, the answer is surprisingly simple. The “Gospel” that the Bible talks about literally means, “the Good News,” and the news is good indeed! This is a brief explanation that if applied, could change anybody's life. First, we have to start at the beginning... Comment below if you would like to know more or to leave a helpful prayer. Please share this video or buy some booklets to give away: Adapted from the classic tract by Navigators

A life changing part of John's Gospel (good conversation)

We look at John chapter 3 and its enduring importance in bringing people out of a path to destruction into ultimate salvation. Full episode here: “If we were asked to read to a dying man who did not know the gospel, we should probably select this chapter as the most suitable one for such an occasion; and what is good for dying men is good for us all, for that is what we are; and how soon we may be actually at the gates of death, none of us can tell.” (Spurgeon)

Predictions for the latter half of 2020

If there is one thing everyone living through the Covid-19 emergency agrees, it is that it is unprecedented. Everyone is surely right about that. But what follows in politics, economics and social behaviour from that recognition? Will President Trump still be president by the end of the year, or will he lose by a landslide in November.? What will happen over the next six months, will it be more shocking than the first half of 2020? Mark and Pete have the answers, and some of them may surprise  you.