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Happiness is knowing of what you are made

Do you move through life feeling everyday is the same? Like some repeated pattern that goes on and on? Everything is just boring, boring, boring. You work so hard to earn enough money to play, but yet your playtime passes so fast. Suffer five days, enjoy two days. For life to have zest, everyone needs that natural feeling of drive, anticipation, and excitement. When you don't not know how to get it naturally, you feel you have to resort to artificial means to stimulate that sense of being fully alive, desperately trying to bring some meaning into life. But you see, happiness is within you... If you can't satisfy your wants, then the other way to happiness is to release them. Let go of that which you feel you just must have. You can make yourself suffer because you crave what you do not have. And let me ask you this: Is this yearning self-created? Or something imposed on you by the outside world? Perhaps it's the outside world's fault because other people keep flaunting

Come to the pub to worship in a convivial atmosphere

 Come to the Ferry Pub 7.30pm Wednesday 10th November for Praise and Worship, click here to let me know you are coming. In these troubling times God can keep you safe and worship is more important than ever. This is live pub in person, and online. The in person version is in the Ferry pub. The online event is on live video right here on the Pint of Praise Facebook Page and on Youtube Pint of Praise channel. Features Worship Songs led by Chris in the pub and Les and Rob online. Hosted by Peter Cooper.

On happiness in varied circumstances

Happiness need not be entirely dependent on your environment. There are certain basics everyone needs like health and roof over their head but a person could have all the money in the world, and still be unable to acquire what it is they really want, and ultimately remain unhappy. A person could be surrounded by all their friends and loved ones, and still be lonely. And, a person could have to eat bugs to survive, in a cold, wet prison cell, and still be happy to eat those bugs, and happy to be alive.  This person has gratefully accepted their surroundings, and has found some good or greater meaning in it, making the experience more pleasurable. This person chose to be happy with what they had, by being mindful of the moment, recognizing the potential it may have.   The Apostle Paul in a letter that made it's way into the Bible said this:   "I know the experience of being in need and of having more than enough; I have learned the secret to being content in any and every circum